Big Brother is a fanfiction inspired by the real life Dutch reality show Big Brother. It follows a number of houseguests as they live in a house together surrounded by cameras with no access to the outside world as they compete to be the last one remaining.


Season Days HouseGuests Winner Final vote Runner-Up
Big Brother 1 70 12 Adrianna Ramirez 3-2 Natasha Quinn
Big Brother 2 Hollie Martin 4-1 Henry Welch
Big Brother 3 77 14 Ryan Albertson 7-0 Destiny Simone
Big Brother 4 Sean Thompson 4-3 Marina Del Mar
Big Brother 5 Elene Japaridze 5-2 Leyla Jasinski
Big Brother 6 Diego Martinez 4-3 Stephanie Vause
Big Brother 7 91 16 (All Returnees) Stephanie Vause 7-2 Danny Mathieson
Big Brother 8 16